Last Sunset

photo credit Christie Aphrodite
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March 24, 2016

This scene would have to be called “hecates death march” taken at Pine Island in Weeki Wachee, Florida in February 2015.
These are the most magical colorful sunsets, one right after another leading up to my brain infection. I thought by giving it all I had to get out and witness this magnificence that it would somehow heal me. Lol
That’s what I get for thinking…this was the last one before I ended up in hospital and lost my memory and had to learn to talk and walk again. One week and one year ago…
Florida was where I had to be for my proverbial death. Makes sense since it’s hot as hell! Haha
But this is where I lost my health, my income, my car, my dogs health, my memory, my ability to create an income…and so much more. Literally everything I thought was real was lost, burned up in flames…
So what is next on this death March?
Hecate didn’t reveal all, but she also didn’t say it would be easy.
These sunsets resemble the deeply beautiful and striking chaotic contrast of my dance since…


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